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Thank You for Visiting: KevWreck Records




    KevWreck Records places emphasis on Reggae (R&B & Dancehall) as well as Hip-Hop/Rap acts. All  of our Artists are encouraged to explore the limits of their creativity as well as to developed original sounds, concepts & material that is consistent with the label's identity and marketing ability. 

     KevWreck Records mission is to build a record company utilizing local,   regional and international talent that concentrates its initial efforts of record sales in the United States regions as well as a worldwide venture. KevWreck Records will concentrate its marketing and promotion efforts to  

      support and developed recording artists to increase sales within the regions that the artists perform live. KevWreck Records will utilize the efforts to increase sales at the shows and within the retail stores in cities where the artist performs live.

                                "TAKING TODAY'S TALENT TO THE NEXT LEVEL"



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